Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Finally managed to get Bristlecone up as a Kindle title on Dunno why it took as long as it did, but those of you who might want to get it there, well, here you go.

It's been selling okay on Smashwords, and made it to the Apple Bookstore; maybe this will help me peddle a few more copies. Never know. Brad and Angelina might come calling, it's right up their alley. In twenty or thirty years, they'll be perfect for the movie version ...


Stan said...

Yep, Steve, I just saw that most of your "online" books are now available as Kindle.

Are we moving up...or being assimilated?

Steve Perry said...

I'm not sure if resistance is futile, but I suspect that in the case of evolving technologies, it is. MP3s seriously wounded the CD/music biz; the ability to download movies from the web, or to watch them on pay-per-view killed Blockbuster's brick and board stores. The theater experience is such that you don't get it watching the tube unless you have a whole wall covered by a screen at home, but we aren't too far from that.

Recreational readers tend to be a smaller group and they will probably hang onto paper books longer. But the ability to get a book in a minute or so and keep thousands of them in your reader, whatever its configuration, are selling points, not to mention that the cost per book is way lower than hardbacks outside of a big box discount store.

At some point, the difference between paperback and hardbacks gets moot, and that will affect pricing.

Traditional publishers are nervous, and rightfully so. Some of the costs they have always claimed seem to be at risk.

Numbers of titles and downloads are rising. It's a small dent now, but it is going to get bigger.

As long as I offer ebooks on my site for the same price as Amazon or Apple offers 'em, they don't mind, and the more venues where they can be found, the better for me. And ebooks don't go out of print.