Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I had to link to this:

And this one, long as I'm at it:


Jay said...


Steve Perry said...

One of my favorites from the various Trek blooper reels circulating is a scene on the bridge with Scotty and Spock. Scotty gets a call on his communicator, and he opens it and makes the sound effect vocally, going, "Bllluuloop!"

Cracks Nimoy up.

I would guess that since he tried to stay in character while shooting, this would have become quite the game -- make Spock laugh.

There's another one where Kirk and Spock, disguised as space Nazis, call The Enterprise. A distinctly male voice says, "Enterprise, Lieutenant Uhuru." Shatner and Nimoy exchange glances, trying, but they lose it.

I love the blooper stuff where the actors get tickled and then can't get the next couple of takes done with a straight face.

Brad said...

Can't view the videos from here (Africa, the 'net connection is sloooooow and buggy). But whenever I hear or see the phrase "He's dead Jim" It reminds me of a bumper stick er I had once long ago, "He's dead Jim. You grab his wallet, I'll get his tricorder"

Narda said...

Good way to start the morning! Thanks for the memories! :)