Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mouse Gun Reaches Out

Bob Munden - fast and accurate

North American Arms .22 revolver
(Magnum, I think, but the best picture I could find to show the relative size)
Pepper Popper

Happened to catch an old episode of Impossible Shots last night I'd missed. Bob Munden stuck some balloons up on a pepper-popper (a flat metal target shaped something like a tongue depressor shoved through a small rubber ball) at two hundred yards and then used a couple guns to pop them. First was a Colt Peacemaker. Second, a mini-revolver in .22 LR.

Two hundred yards.

Now he didn't have to hit the balloon to do this -- if he hit the metal anywhere close, the spatter would do the trick, but, Geez-Louise -- ! That he hit a target that size at two hundred yards with a -- literally -- belt-buckle revolver (you can actually buy them this way) with fixed, tiny sights, and on the second shot?

I have one of those revolvers. At that range, I'd have a better chance at popping that balloon with prayer than the mouse gun.

Impressed the hell out of me.


Ed said...

....and did you see how windy it was...Wow. I wish they would show his sight picture on that target for that shot - had to be measured in a lot of feet?

As much as he must shoot - I don't think the powder stains on his hands comes off.

William Adams said...

Yeah, that's the magnum version. The .22 long rifle one has a shorter cylinder and is even smaller --- my father carried one for years in his pocket after retiring from the Air Force (loaded w/ alternating rat shot and hollowpoints) to shoot snakes and other pests on his property.

Link w/ pictures here:

Dan Gambiera said...

This is what happens when you combine being a superior genetic mutant with tireless training.

Dan Moran said...

I went shooting recently. My vision the way it is these days, I'd be lucky to hit the inside of a lion after it's swallowed me.