Thursday, March 11, 2010

The New Towel Effect

So my wife has bought new towels. The first thing one does with new towels is throw them into the clothes washer on the hot water cycle for a long run. Because, as you likely know if you've ever tried to use a new towel without washing it first, the companies that make them deem it necessary to Scotch-guard the things with some kind of plastic. Attempting to dry off with one of these is much akin to using, oh, say, Saran Wrap to blot up the water.

However, even after two washings -- better living through chemistry -- the new towels are still mostly useless, and naturally, the old towels have been carefully hidden where I cannot find them, so I was stuck using the non-absorbent ones after my shower.

Never a dull moment ...


Todd Erven said...

I hate new towels. At one point when we had half new and half old towels, my wife and I would fight over who got to use which. We finally had to come up with an alternating system. It probably saved our marriage.

steve-vh said...

Better plan is to always get one when you travel from the hotel exercise room or pool.
Those have been already washed.
Or so I've heard this works well.

Actually, I just buy towels she doesn't like and ones I don't like. No problems.