Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mah People

So the British chef, Jamie Oliver, has come to the U.S. to do a TV series about the awfulness of the American diet. And he went to the fattest, unhealthiest city in the country to get started, Huntington, West Virginia. I haven't seen the show, but I have seen the promos, and there is a scene with a tearful, morbidly obese woman and a pile of processed food on her table during which Oliver tells her she is going to kill herself and family feeding them such crap.

Another scene shows a dump truck dropping similar heart-clogging goop at a school where it is being served. This is how much fat you eat every year, he says. The kids go, "Yuck!" but when given the choice between healthy food and crap, they go for the crap. What a surprise.

One kid, shown some tomatoes and asked what they are, says, "Potatoes?"

Oliver wants to teach them how to cook healthier food down there, and I wish him luck, but I'm not holding my breath. Ain't gonna happen.

I bring this up because my aunt pointed out something I'd forgotten. This is where my mother and her sisters came from, when they went to town ...

Mah people. Y'on't fries 'th that?


Anonymous said...

Ive sampled some British cooking: Kidney pie and brown sugar on Steak, not exactly health food! Langdon

James said...

The south. Where gravy is a sacrament.

Explains why neither of my parents made it out of their 60's.