Thursday, March 11, 2010

The More Things Change ...

So school officials in Itawamba County, Mississippi, rather than risk that a lesbian student attends with her girlfriend, have called off the prom.

Growing up in Louisiana, Mississippi was our one salvation. Bad as things got where I lived, I could always say, "Well, could be worse. We could be living in Mississippi."

I'm guessing they said the same thing about us.

They did finally get around to ratifying the 13th Amendment, in the mid-1990's, but I guess leaving the sexual straight and narrow is still beyond the pale.

Why I find this particularly interesting is that when my daughter and her BFF decided they wanted to mess with minds at their senior prom, they went together. My daughter rented a tuxedo, her friend put on an evening gown, and off they went. My daughter and her friend eventually married brothers, and while the friend's marriage eventually went south, they each have two lovely children.

This prom, in Oregon, was in, I believe, 1987. Nobody said a word.

Welcome to the 21st Century, Mississippi. Yee-haw.


Dan Gambiera said...

I remember when MS ratified the 13th Amendment. Michael Moore got a Black friend to buy a dozen unemployed White guys from their families. Hard to see how the man was able to stuff his thirty pound solid brass cojones into a regular pair of pants.

He named them all "Toby".
He paraded them around in shackles.
He had them cut his lawn with nail clippers and serve himself and other (Black) friends Coca Cola.

The Legislature came around so fast they violated the Theory of Relativity.

There was a heartwarming manumission ceremony on the steps of the State Legislature in the presence of a State Police Officer who looked like his rising blood pressure and puckered rectum were in a race to see which would kill him first.

Anonymous said...

Itawamba County is in northeast Mississippi. Jackson is in Hinds County, in central Mississippi.

Steve Perry said...

My bad. I saw the slug on the story and it was datelined Jackson. Still Mississippi, though.