Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Nibbles on the Writing Lure

Got another potential project about which I can't really say much popped up yesterday. And an earlier one has progressed to a point where it might come to pass, I should know something in the next couple of weeks on that one.

I know, being vague is, well ... vague, but I didn't want you to think I was sitting around all day not doing anything but blogging.

Given the economy and the lean times, I'm happy to be getting nibbles, and I expect one of them will eventually lead to a fish on the line in the not-too-distant future.

For Matador fans, my editor has indicated she is interested in Siblings of the Shroud. No paperwork generated yet, so no delivery nor publication dates, but I have more than enough material to provide chapters-and-an-outline. I'm continuing to work on the novel, with just over a third of the projected mss first draft done. I'll keep doing that until something with a shorter deadline gets in the way. Which with any luck, will happen real soon now ...

And the beat goes on ...


Brad said...

Since I figure it's the most important reason to write a particular book, which of these has the potentially to pay more bills or buy more toys?

Personally, you know which one i want regardless of the other projects.

Steve Perry said...

Actually, it's always a question I have to ask -- which matters most? The money or the satisfaction? Money has to be taken into account, of course, the wolf needs be kept from door, but more than once I've chosen love over loot. Got to do that to keep your soul, I think.

Depends on how close the wolf is.

In the cases I'm looking at, it's more about the timing.

My editor isn't tapping her foot and looking at her watch for the Siblings to get there. She hasn't made an offer yet. And when she does, we're probably talking nine months delivery.

The other projects ...

One is mostly done and I'm waiting to see how or if it goes before I brag about it.

The second which might be looming, doesn't have a due date attached, so that's flexible.

The third, if it happens, will have be addressed quickly because the delivery must be soon.

If the board green lights all of them? The one that has to be done in a hurry takes precedence. It won't take that long, but it won't be able to wait, and everything else will.

When it comes to work, all things being equal, the shortest deadline is first. And if it happens to pay the most money? That's a consideration.

Dan Moran said...

my editor has indicated she is interested in Siblings of the Shroud.

So there's some sanity in the publishing market. I'm really surprised your last few novels are still out there.