Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So I reached into my wallet for my credit card today and lo! it was gone.

It has been a while since I've used it, and since I don't routinely thumb through my wallet to see if everything is in order, no reason to notice it wasn't there until I needed it.

There is always a moment of panic when such a thing happens: When did I last see it? Where was I? So I went round the local gas station and supermarket -- not that I use the card at the market, but I do use a membership card there that resides in my wallet and I could have maybe pulled out the one and dropped the other.

No love there, but I called Costco and indeed somebody had turned it in -- I dug the Costco card out and apparently dropped the MasterCard. Costco didn't call -- why I don't know -- but instead held it for two weeks and then destroyed the card.

On the good side, that means nobody was out charging trips to Thailand on my plastic; on the bad side, it means I have to apply for a replacement, and will be paying cash for gasoline, for which I won't get that little rebate, until the card arrives.

Never a dull moment.


jks9199 said...

Costco didn't call because they may not -- at the store level -- have had access to your number.

They should have called the credit card company, who would have notified you and probably told Costco to destroy the card.

I'm fighting with one right now... They had some sort of "compromise" (best info they'll give me!) and decided that they needed to reissue my card. OK; appreciate that. But meanwhile, a payment had been sent. It sat on the old account for several days while I'm past due on the new account... before I even had the damn card! Is it just me... or should that payment have automatically been sent to the new account, considering that THEY instigated the change?!

Ed said...

Damn - all I see is a lampshade.