Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cue the Olympic Theme Song: Dah, Dah, Da, Da, Da, Dah ...

So the Spring Olympics are running -- them's the ones what has lots of events requiring snow, but no snow to go with them.

Poor Vancouver. I bet the Russians, who won't have to worry about it for four years, are besides themselves -- Whew, we don't have to sweat looking worse than Canada, eh ... ?

As usual, I tend to turn on the coverage and leave it on until the late news, though I don't always watch it. Actually saw some Biathlon this time, can you imagine?

Wins, losses, the usual grumbling about the ice skating's arcane point system. I love listening to Dick Button talk about the sport. First guy to do the double axel in Olympic competition, 1948, and the first to do the triple toe-loop, at the 1952 games, both of which he won, and the only man ever to win two men's ice skating Golds in a row. Unless the Russian kid can catch him this time.

Shaun White -- the red-headed snowboarder -- is saving his patented Double McTwist 1260 for the finals. That's the one where he, uh, bangs his face into the top of the half-pipe, snaps his head back, and sends his helmet flying. Rich from his sport, he owns his own half-pipe, out in the wilderness where nobody can see him train.

This round, I found myself rooting for the Chinese pair skaters, because they were the "old" couple -- Geez, they are way past thirty! Can you believe that? Walking fossils, kin to the dinosaurs.

Happy to see Bode Miller get a Bronze, and the American girl, whatshername Lindsey Vonn gimping her way downhill.

Boy, I can hardly wait for the spine-tingling excitement of curling ...

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