Saturday, February 20, 2010

Couples Skate Only

What with the Olympic ice dancers and all, I was reminded of my youth, when we roller skated.

There weren't any ice rinks in Louisiana back in the day, though they did build one when I was about sixteen or so.

Ice skating and roller skating aren't the same. Fall down on the hardwood, you get bruised. Fall down on the ice, you get cold, wet, and bruised.

I was a pretty good rink skater, back in the clay-wheels era -- my parents did it, they had their own skates, so we learned early. As a teenager, taking a date to Leo's Roller Rink, (photos above by Colleen Kane, which is where both links in this sentence go) or just cruising the place was considered cool enough that we did it. I could skate backwards, and while I never got to the toe-loop-axel-jumping stage, I could sometimes manage a whole session without falling down. For a while, I could wear my father's skates, until my feet grew too big.

(Leo's is still in B.R., though moved to a bigger location, and now features ice skating, as well. Olympic-sized ice rink, and the largest roller skating floor in the country.)

The history of roller skates has some fun stuff in it. Somewhere, I recall seeing a video of switchboard supervisors skating up and down behind a row of telephone switchboard operators, back when phone calls were connected manually. And who can forget the carhops of the late 1950's and early 60's who skated out to deliver malts, burgers, and fries on trays that hung onto the outside of your car window?

Ah, the good old days ...


Colleen said...

Hey, thanks for linking my post, glad you liked it. One thing: could you please credit me for the photos you included in your post? Thanks.

Also, as a freelance writer myself I really appreciated the post on the rejection blues (a song I know a little too well).

Steve Perry said...

Sure. I should have done that, thought I had. Mea culpa.