Friday, February 26, 2010

Bumper Sticker

Saw a good one this morning:


Gotta love it.


Anonymous said...

Good one! Guess you could make the same argument for See B.S. or MiSsNBC!

Dan Gambiera said...

Anonymous Coward,
One "news" network has gone all the way to the Supreme Court to affirmatively state that it has the right to lie - say things that its reporters and anchors absolutely know aren't true - and pass it off as news. This has never happened before. But Fox took that extra step in making the truth its bitch.

I don't like CNN. I'm not hot for MSNBC. I'm not a fan of the (formerly) Big Three. But Fox is in a special category all its own from about half a dozen incidents where scandal-ridden Republicans were "accidentally" labelled as Democrats (sometimes for days) to firing the WSJ reporting staff because they weren't ideological enough.

Steve Perry said...

Speaking as a one-time journalist, I'm the first to allow that there is no such thing as totally objective reporting. As fair as one might try to be, the bias is built in, and which story one chooses to tell, and the way of telling it brings the slant.

A secondhand report almost always has observational error, and sometimes there isn't going to be a consensus. Ten people see the bad guy, and they describe him as a tall-short-fat-thin-black-white guy-girl-transvestite.

Look at the killer whale story. One eyewitness saw the whale grab the trainer by her ponytail. Another said he clamped his jaws around her body. Once the story is told, it picks up a life of its own.

That said, Fox's axe is large enough that it blocks the truth as often as not, and I've compared reports from them with the mainstream networks, cable, newspapers, conservative commentators and liberal ones elsewhere, and Fox doesn't come off looking good. Their agenda trumps everything else, and that makes for bad reporting.

Ian SADLER said...

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story :-)

Anonymous said...

(sigh) another writer I will have to take off my purchase list. No more purchases of Steve Perry books.

It's academic because I'm never coming back to this site. However, you fail to sway me to your view that Fox News is severely biased because you didn't provide any evidence to back up your opinion. If you would have provided some links to back up your points, I would have been more sympathetic (and less crotchety). As it is, I'm just seeing what I see all over the Internet & society. People spewing their opinions without providing any points to support them.

Steve Perry said...

Aw, gee, a Fox News fan leaves. What a shame.
If you are convinced that they -- Fox News -- are fair and unbiased, there is no amount of evidence I could pile up that would convince you otherwise -- you've already ignored a mountain of it.

If you believe that, then you don't really get to use the term "academic" in any fashion, far as I am concerned.
You don't have a clue.

Go. You wouldn't enjoy my books anyhow. I'll try to soldier on without you somehow.