Friday, February 05, 2010

Czlowiek Ktory Nigdy Nie Chybial

The title of this post is apparently Polish for The Man Who Never Missed.

Apparently they decided to start publishing the Matadors, at Fabryka Slów, a book house out of Lublin, Poland.

I got a copy of the first book and on the back cover, there is a tiny image of the cover for Matadora, which, one assumes, is upcoming.

Got to love the artwork. If you look carefully, you can see a man who looks an awful lot like a WWII German solider framed between the legs of the figure in the foreground.

And the cover for Matadora shows a white girl with sunglasses holding what looks like some kind of jacob's ladder, wearing a black leather bustier and a chin guard ...

Hey, it works for me. Long as they publish 'em. You should all learn how to read Polish and order several copies ...


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Michael said...

Kind of grooving on the first cover, not too bad. Wind is blowing firmly from left to right, odd choice of contour breaking clothing for his jungle warfare, but not too bad. Not too bad for a concept art cover.

Second one threw me, but then I got it. Having just re-read Matadora, I figure it is the female assassin who hit the estate with Dirisha, Carlos and Beel. That was just her working out before the hit. ;)