Saturday, September 19, 2009

When the Rain Comes (More Relativity)

Raining and cool here this morning, though both are terms that need to be qualified. The rain, while steady, is not a serious rain. "Cool" is upper fifties. If you don't wear a hat and jacket to walk a half mile or so with the dogs, you'll get soaked; but there are still dry patches on the sidewalk under the bigger fir trees.

Growing up in the semi-tropics of Louisiana, wherein we would sometimes get thunderstorms that dropped three inches of water in an hour, or an overnight total of a foot, not even counting thrice that from a stalled hurricane, then half an inch in twenty-four hours isn't in the same definition ...

Supposed to blow through and warm up, and back into the nineties again next week, just in time for the first day of Fall.

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Toronto Lorne said...

Well, this is the kind of rain which is not that bad. Still, isn't it terrible that you cannot go out without your clothes kinda wet and hair damaged? Oh, sunny days are the best.