Thursday, September 17, 2009

Burglar Picks Wrong House

Story here.

Oh, and as a P.S., check out this one.


Todd Erven said...

The article mentions that the student was backed up against a wall and the burglar lunged at him...

I won't even try to pet a cat that's backed up to a wall much less a scared guy with a sword.

Anonymous said...

The katana: One hit, one kill. It's said enough times that there has to be some truth to it.

My instructor recently used a katana to carve up a head of lettuce and a free-standing coconut for a TV shoot. He said he'd never actually used a live blade to cut anything -- just to practice. And this is a man with 30+ years of sword experience. There's a joke in there about taking your time to aim, but I'm not going to make it at 1am.

wraith808 said...

The rich part of the article is at the end:
Rice's sister, Peggy Rice, told WJZ-TV in Baltimore Wednesday that her brother did not deserve to die and that the student should be charged.

What part of coming into someone's house with intent to rob, then lunging at that same someone when he is armed makes you qualified to continue breathing?

steve-vh said...

Not that I advocate Ted Nugent's rhetoric, but "I don't like repeat offenders, i like dead offenders".

Perhaps this guy gets a darwin award?

And as Steve knows, we LOVE cutting stuff with live blades. No substitute for finding out what works like cutting with the real thing.

Viro said...

It sounds pretty sad all around.

Dan Gambiera said...

It was amusing to hear the cops in one edition of the story. They were practically coaching the guy on his defense. "Now, if he was afraid he was going to be killed he would be justified," and "If he was cornered and afraid for his life it wouldn't matter if he used a gun, a sword or a knife".

I'm guessing the planet will continue rotating without the deceased.