Friday, September 25, 2009


Over on Wim's blog, you can see the full-length version of what has come to be called the "Jesus Taught Me" video. BUT HEED THIS WARNING: This is brutal, ugly stuff. Don't watch it if violence bothers you, because this is a stomach-turner. Not so much for what happens -- though that is bad enough, but for the man who sets it up, then allows it to go down.

Ever you wished Jove would step up and hurl a thunderbolt at somebody you picked out? If you are a martial artist, these clowns would be several of the guys on your list.

The upshot of this for those who don't want to have a look, is that a homeless, and likely mentally-challenged man winds up as a "guest instructor" at a martial arts school. The senior teacher sics one of his black belts on the guy, who claims to hold a tenth degree red belt -- given to him by Jesus.

You'd think that would tell you something, wouldn't you? Nothing against Jesus, but I've never heard of Him giving rank in the martial arts.

Teachers at martial arts schools sometimes have guys drop by who claim great skill and who want to play, and it is tempting to pop somebody who obviously is blowing hot air, just to make a point. I understand this, but there are limits, and they all got sent out of this room. It was a set-up from the first, and flat-out nasty.

The black belt starts out by kicking the unsuspecting guest in the crotch. (Nobody seems to know his name, he's just called Kung Fu Guy on the web) and it goes downhill from there.

Neither demonstrates any real skill as a fighter. KFG is a better dancer, but he poses like the Karate Kid, waves his arms around, and you know he learned most of what he knew from watching kung-fu movies. He lands an occasional tap or kick, but the shorter, heavier black belt bores in on him, loses it, beats the other guy unconscious, and then, when he is down and out, stomps his head a couple times for good measure. Only then do the others in the school call him off. A little harder, the downed man's skull would have blown apart like a watermelon.

The unconscious man is then quickly hauled out by the feet -- Drag him out back, the teacher says. There is a trail of blood on the floor, which the teacher then points out with some glee.

You can read more about it here.

It's not the worst thing you've ever seen, and it supposedly happened twenty-five years ago. And, according to the follow-up story, the Jesus guy survived, though there was some question about that. If he was mentally off the beam before, this certainly didn't improve things for him.

I expect that the statute of limitation for assault expired long ago, which in this case, is a shame.

It shows me two things:

One, you can take a lot of punishment and live. And two, somebody directly involved in this assault who put something like this up on the internet? He's probably too stupid to pour piss out of a boot. He deserves anything the world wants to put on his doorstep, both for the crime, and for the subsequent idiocy of posting it where people can see it. I think it was a brag. Look how we took care of bidness at our school.

I usually don't name names. I will this time. The school owner was Bobby Joe Blythe. Willie J. Dennis was the black belt administering the beating, and it was in a McDojo in Dumfries, Virginia.

You really have to wonder just how deep the chasm of stupidity is. Every time you think you've seen somebody who must have hit the bottom, somebody else comes along to show you there is yet another crevasse that goes deeper still ...


Jay said...

i saw that video recently and it is certainly brutal.
The wheezing of KFG is still echoing in my brain.

Wim Demeere said...

I didn't know about the "justice" web page. I'll bump it on my blog.

No matter how you slice it, it's a pretty sick video.

Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

Wonder if the same guys went on to make BumFight?

I think that was about 10 years ago: videos of homeless guys who were hauled in off the street and made to fight each other, bare-knuckles. Eve wouldn't touch it: said it was disgusting.

Ed said...

Your last line is so true.

Justin said...

I'm amazed by the malice shown. You'd like to think those who take martial arts seriously would yield when someone concedes. You'd think an instructor's cooler head would stop this altercation before it became a beating.

Negative points for humanity on this one.

(moving away from commenting on my LJ account, as I get constant OpenID errors)