Thursday, September 17, 2009

Henry Gibson & Mary Travers

Lost two more today -- Gibson, who was a hit on Laugh-In and who had a steady career playing oddball characters for decades after that; and Travers, of Peter, Paul & Mary. Seventy-three and seventy-two, cancer, and leukemia, respectively

Liked both of them. Sorry to see them go.



Jay said...

both are fondly remembered by me. I grew up listening to folk artists with my mom and Peter, Paul and Mary were up there on the rotation schedule.
My first exposure to Henry was as the Illinois NAZI in The Blues Brothers but I really dug him on Laugh In which Nick at Night used to run in the mid-eighties.
They will both me missed.

Todd Erven said...

The wife and I still listen to our Peter Paul & Mary records quite frequently and Henry was hilarious.

Quite a bit of talent has been lost this year.

Stan said...

I surely do miss the folk singers. I grew up with P,P & M and the Chad Mitchell Trio. When I first moved to Reno in '88 I was excited to learn that Mary Travers frequently performed in smaller clubs in the area.

Also enjoyed "Laugh-In" during its first run. I was too young to "get" all the political jokes, but my favorite chars were Henry's "poet" and Arti Johnson's "Very Interestink, but shtoopid!" German soldier