Monday, July 27, 2009


103 degrees F. in beautiful Beaverton here at the moment, and I confess that my dear wife's idea we should drag the window-unit AC out of the storeroom and put it into my office didn't take much convincing. The result is that it's a pleasant seventy-five or so in here, with a fan directing the cooler air out the door and into the bedroom.

Forecasters said it might get a degree or so hotter today, and as much as 105 tomorrow and the day after. The all-time record high temperature in Portland was 107, on July 30th, 1965. (It was that hot last time I was in Las Vegas and no big deal, but the Pacific Northwest is somewhat less desert-like than that part of Nevada.)

People complain, but come December, they'll look back at it longingly. Assuming, of course, they aren't cooked in the next few days.

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