Saturday, July 04, 2009

Listen ...

So, by now you have probably heard that Sarah Palin is resigning as governor of Alaska, effective at the end of this month. Political pundits question this move -- much easier to get the party's nomination as a sitting governor than as an ex-governor.

Me, I'm listening for the sound of the other shoe to drop. I can't help but think there is a reason for this resignation that will not reflect well upon Sarah. I would not be surprised, nor, I confess, would I pass up the chance to cackle with glee if it turns out to be something criminal.

Some days, you get the bear; some days, the bear gets you -- me, I'm rooting for Gentle Ben on this one ...


Jay Gischer said...

I'll go on record that she simply got a better offer, financially. Maybe one that involves a national presence as a political figure, maybe more media oriented, who knows?

Your take is my number 2 choice.

Steve Perry said...

Probably right, but one can hope ...

Dan Gambiera said...

She's already punched the "Governor" card, and it isn't fun anymore. She's probably gearing up for 2012.

Anonymous said...

if she was looking to try for higher office, then this resignation has effectively nixed that. you cant finish your term as governor but your ready for 2012? You have spin that one pretty hard. Media? shudder.. rush limbaugh's new co host? her own show? uggh. My personal bet is that she has more ethics problems that havent come to light yet and she is looking for a media gig. that way she can spout off about anything and look good and not have to accomplish a damn thing.

Dojo Rat said...

Here's the deal;
Remember the Wasilla sports complex that she had built before the county permits were in order etc?
- well, it turns out the contractor that built the sports complex was close to husband Todd and the exact same materials that were used in the complex were used to build Palins house. Thats right; same windows, siding , doors... you get the picture. State money built the Palin residence. The next scandal to hit the floor. I figure she is having a nervous breakdown right about now. The McCain camp has been trashing her. She's history. She's not even smart enough to be Rush Douchebag's co-host, besides the PTB just used her for window dressing...

Dojo Rat said...


God I love this:

EvMick said...

Just wondering.

Why do Liberals hate her so much?

......and yet forgive the likes of Marion Barry?

Viro said...

I know of no one outside of DC that "forgives" Marion Barry.

Hell, I think the only reason MB gets support .inside. DC is because voters think they're thumbing their noses at "The Man" by supporting him.

Steve Perry said...

Barry is as much an idiot on the left as Palin is on the right. Nobody I know with a lick of sense admires either.

EvMick said...

Ok. Let me reword my question.

Why hate Sarah Palin?

Steve Perry said...

You want a list?

Aside from the fact she's anti-science, anti-environment, uses her kids to further her ambition at their expense, and doesn't seem to have two working neurons to spark at each other? That for somebody who was going to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency, she could demonstrate no grasp of foreign policy, national or international politics when asked simple questions about them? And then blamed that on her advisors?

If you can't deal with Katie Couric, how are you going to deal with Iraq?

That she enjoys killing critters who didn't do anything to her and making couches out of 'em? That she is, according to people who have worked with her, including national-level Republicans on the McCain campaign, vindictive, mean-spirited, small-minded, and espouses political and social values I find repellent, dangerous, and downright deadly, why, other than that, I don't have anything against her.

Whatever else she did, when she elected to accept McCain's offer knowing her teenage daughter was pregnant would have been enough to do it all by itself. She put that kid in the fishbowl, and she knew what the media was going to do when she did it. Even George Bush tried to keep his daughters out of the papers and off the evening news. Palin embraced it.

None of what she does comes up "family values" where I live. She's a hypocrite, and I like her not at all.

EvMick said...

Those same things could be said of other conservative candidates. The left doesn't invest the effort in them.

For example. The state of Alaska spent $2 million and Sarah spent half a million in defense against frivolous lawsuits. She won them all but it still cost. The left is showing no sign of letting up. They keep hounding her.

why ?

Why does SHE draw such hate?

Surely it's not JUST what you said.

Steve Perry said...

It's more than enough for me ...

And she was the one who had a shot at being President, which is why she gets the attention. I don't care if she pisses all over Alaska, that's their problem. I don't want her pissing all over the country as a whole and where I live. I had enough of that with eight years of King George.

Part of it is how much of the moral high ground one claims, and the sudden revelation that the speaker's condo is considerably further south and a lot warmer.

A woman talking about how family is the most important thing needs to demonstrate that when rubber hits the road. Palin did the opposite. You believe she was doing the best thing by her pregnant daughter holding her up that way?

Governor of S.C., who jumped all over Clinton for screwing around and demanded that he resign got caught doing the same thing? Rings real hollow, that.

Guy says dopers should all be put under the jail and then gets caught with a car full of dope? Looks different on him, hey?

If you claim the high moral ground, you have to live there.

Most of your leftists/liberal/commies are are lot looser about sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll, so they don't get the same view as the preacher does when he falls for toking up with the village pump, and rightly so.

Hypocrite. Claims one moral value, but lives the opposite one. That's what draws attention.

EvMick said...

So the hate that is being heaped upon her months after the election is over and done is because she's a hypocrite?

Now tell me about Elliot Spitzer.

Surely a Governor who builds a campaign on anti-prostitution and then gets caught with a prostitute is a hypocrite.

I fail to note, however any "piling on".

The same could be said for Blogovitch (sp). Boot him then forgetabouthim. No piling on.

I think I could make a long list.

From both sides of the aisle.

But no incessant harassment, jokes, lawsuites etc.

JUST against Sarah.

Surely hypocrisy isn't the only thing?

How is she unique?

Steve Perry said...

Well, you obviously have an answer -- why don't you quit dicking around and tell us what's on your mind?

EvMick said...

Actually, no I don't.

I'm truly curious as to why she's receiving such unique treatment, while others who've done the same or worse are ignored.

Steve Perry said...

She's not unique. But, like McCain, she was this close to being able to push the red button. Who else among the current crop of idiot politicians got that far?

A lot of people liked her folksy ways. I thought she was bone-headed. And I wondered how buying a hundred and fifty thousand bucks worth of designer clothes translated to "Just plain folks." It was a con.
Bush played it better -- he pretended to being just a regular ole guy when he was a son of privilege from the git-go -- rich, East coast family, father was President, went to a top school, dodged the draft, ran companies and ball teams -- you know a lot of guys like that in your biz?

It came down to McCain and Obama and their seconds, and it wasn't a total blowout. I find that scary, that McCain could have won, could have keeled over mid-term and left Palin running the show. That part is downright terrifying.

And all the other folks you mention have been getting their balls busted. Some of them have the sense to duck and cover, but Palin keeps throwing crap in our faces. Maybe you think that makes her brave. In my book, it makes her stupid, and as long as she keeps doing it, she will get grief for it.

Especially as long as she keeps waving her kids at us. Jumping on David Letterman? As if a TV talk show host is worth the effort?

How much more reason do you need? You keep saying, "Yes, but -- " and I do believe I've laid out my reasons in sufficient quantity and quality.

There are a lot of doofs out there, crooked politicians, ne'eer-do-wells who managed to get themselves into elected office. Now and then, people blink and notice and they catch well-deserved shit.