Thursday, July 16, 2009

Big Uncle Wants to Know

So, I got this form in the mail yesterday from the Census Bureau. It's already overdue, apparently, so I figured I had better fill it out PDQ.

It's aimed at my business, and almost none of it applies to what I do as a writer, but I went through the pages and dutifully X'ed in all the boxes yea or nay. Includes several questions about the internet, which is probably not something they were asking about a census or two back.

And to make yesterday's mail even more fun, I got a note from the IRS telling me I owed them money, when, in fact, I don't. I'll have to go see my accountant and see if he can explain it to them. (My agent takes her cut off the top and sends me a check for the balance, but the 1099 form shows the gross, and I apparently didn't put her commission in the right box.

Harry Potter couldn't whip up enough magic to deal with the IRS when it comes to arcane ... )

Oh, yeah, and one of the book houses looking at my urban fantasy bounced it.

Fun day. Never a dull moment ...

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