Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July

We have a lot of problems in our country -- it's not Utopia; still and all, as places go, I'd rather live here than anywhere else.

Happy Independence Day.

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Steve Perry said...

Went to some friends' for a potluck. They live on a ridge across the Columbia on the Washington side, and we had a skyline view of Portland and Vancouver.

Soon as it was dark enough the fireworks blossomed, and while the big Vancouver show had been cancelled there were plenty of people who stepped up to replace them. Major pyrotechnics.

We took our dogs, as did another couple, and ours spent most of the evening in an X-pen -- a portable enclosure -- on the front lawn, largely unperturbed by the fireworks except those that went off just above us.

We waved sparklers. Drank wine or beer, ate roast beast and baked beans and deviled eggs, and a fine time was had by all, including a few mosquitos ...

Drive home just before midnight, the entire way was smoky and smelled like burned gunpowder.

Happy Birthday USA.