Friday, March 28, 2008

Knife Carrier

Came across this cleaning up. The construction is crude, but the idea is pretty good -- a paddle holster/sheath. This paddle came off an old snubbie holster, and I mounted a pair of kerambits on it. Weak-hand draw, and very comfortable.

The paddle works even if you don't have a belt on -- you just slip it into your waistband -- I put on a pair of pajama pants to demonstrate it.

Looks like one knife in the sheath, and also when you draw, but that's the surprise ...


Formosa Neijia said...

Just curious -- would you actually carry a kerambit? My guess is that if you ever pulled that knife out, even in a self-defense situation, you'd be put away for life.

Just look at it. Might a less menacing weapon be a better choice?

Steve Perry said...

Sure. Perfectly legal, blade is under two inches. I have a folding version I carried for several years. If I have to use a knife for self defense, the situation will be dire, probably life-or-death kind of thing, Either way will be bad -- if I'm dead, I figure that is worse.

If I pull it out and the bad guy has second thoughts, so much the better.

Any cutting, no matter what the blade looks like, will be made to look horrible. I study a knife art -- that's gonna come out, and that will be more of a problem than the tool I have at hand.

Ideally, you'd carry a Girl Scout pocketknife. Be hard for the DA to do much with that.

So, when the three hundred pound biker on angel dust came at you with a chain, you stabbed him?


With a Girl Scout pocket knife?

Yessir ...

If you carry boomware, the best court-gun would be something like a Pink Pansy .38 Special loaded with Sissy Safety Slugs. But since the guy who tried to kill you is apt to be dead, that's probably not gonna convince a jury that it wasn't a serious gun no matter what you call it.

I'm on record all over the place saying that I would never use a knife or a gun against a fellow human being unless my life or my family's safety was in peril, and that's the truth. If I'm standing and the mugger isn't, it'll be up to me and my lawyer to convince a jury that was the situation, and since that will have been the situation, at least I start from the right place ...

Formosa Neijia said...

Haha. Good thoughts. You convinced me.

Steve Perry said...

Well, to be honest, I don't usually carry the kerambits pictured thus.
To be legal, they would have to be visible -- i.e., not hidden under a shirt or jacket.

In this state, you can get a license to carry concealed a handgun that will drop a charging rhino in its tracks, but a belt knife likewise hidden can be considered a concealed weapon, and you can't get a permit for a blade.

If it is visible and there is no attempt to hide it, you can walk around with a sheath knife most places.

A folding knife with the same size blade can be tucked away in your pocket. Go figure.