Sunday, March 16, 2008

Agility Dogs

So, Phase One of the backyard agility course is complete. We now have two cheapo homemade obstacles -- a bar jump and a tire jump.

Phase Two will require clearing away all those dead bush stumps and some of the English Ivy, whereupon we can install a tunnel, a chute tunnel -- first piece of which is on hand and in the picture, next to the lettuce barrel --weave poles, and a resting table. Plus another bar jump or two.

Phase Three will include the teeter-totter, bridge, and maybe the A-frame. You can see what real dogs and equipment look like here: Dog Agility.


Interrupting Gelastic Jew said...

I really enjoy watching agility shows; the dogs are having so much fun! Good luck with a fun hobby.

Steve Perry said...

It's especially funny to watch Jude run, little stubby legs churning. We had our last foundation class last night, and he was the star. Not border-collie class, but raring to go.

We'll be moving up to Agility One next class.

Layla needs a little more basic obedience stuff, she's still just a young girl, but she can fly when she gets moving. She'll blow the socks off the Papillions ...