Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dog Agility, Phase II

So Jude and Layla are done with the agility foundation class. Layla needs more basics, so she'll probably do an obedience class and then repeat the agility intro; Jude moves on to Agility I, soon as we can get a class scheduled.

The backyard equipment now has four barriers -- a bar jump, weave poles, open tunnel, and tire jump. Next will be a closed tunnel, (a chute,) which is a short tube open on one end, with a long cloth sleeve on the other.

After that, a teeter totter, and the last phase, an A-frame and a bridge.

On the teeter, one end is slightly heavier. The dog goes up the downed end, crosses the balance point, and causes the heavy end to drop, whereupon the dog walks down, and reaches a different color -- yellow -- whereupon he must put at least two paws before hopping off.

The A-frame is steep and has cross-strips. Dog goes up one side and down the other, same deal on the two-paw stuff.

The bridge about twenty feet long, angles up on both ends, with a long flat stretch in the center. About a foot wide, same two-paw and color stuff at the end of the run.

Those I can build, but they take a lot of space, so I will work the other stuff at home for a while, and practice at the barn for the big 'uns.

Excuse the mismatched image -- I didn't have the camera on a tripod, nor set in mosaic-mode, but you get the general idea.

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