Friday, March 28, 2008

Dreadnaught Report

Most of the readers have now weighed in, and there have been some good suggestions, some of which we are even going to use ...

First of these is to include a dramatis personae, up front, so people can keep track of who is whom.

We'll also include a glossary of terms, in the back, and the map, some version of which will probably be in the front.

Reaves and I have discussed some other changes, included among which is the death of a viewpoint character. Hate to do it, but it sets up something in the next book, and no, it's not Ven.

Here's the character list:

The Dreadnaught

Dramatis Personae

The Stahlrogians:

Borahl alb Kohn

Naval Officer, Under Commander (Yousee),
The Stahlrogian Dreadnaught Britta.

Villem nahl Tesar

Prime Prince, General in the Royal Army,
and Heir to the Stahlrogian Throne.

Tahk Berger

Ship’s Commander (Escee) the Britta.

Britta Farloon pul Tesar

Princess Consort, Wife of Villem,
daughter of the King of Dotterjord.

Hans nahl Tesar

Kaliser of Stahlrogia.

Berhard Tesar

The Kaliser’s brother.


A spy and assassin.


Natural Philosopher & Machinist

Sel Daveed

Natural Philosopher & Machinist


Dovel’s Assistant


The Jalimatrans:

Djani Djalanji

Fifth son of the Rahjeem of Maluz.

Guru Bruj

Combat teacher and Chief of the Rajheem’s guard.

Tjela Pemaja


Patro Kalam

Priest, Order of Aal’s Hand.


The Isbaani:

Hazin Hazin

Eunuch, Chief Guard, The Shamir’s Wifery.


Hazin’s parrot

Sirsir ab Kaab

Grand Shamir of Isbaa.

Ahmar Liss

Savant Magician.


Ahmar’s apprentice.

Gamila Arous

The Shamir’s Third Wife.


An Isbaani guard.


The Kallstranians:


King of Kallstrana

Skjegg (“Sky”)

Diplomat, younger brother to King Hus.

Telga dao Ven

Archer, King’s Guard.

Kanin Dor

Blood Mage


A lieutenant in the King’s Guard.


Anonymous said...

Just sent my notes. Sorry I took forever! :-) Even though it's a bit slower paced than I usually go for these days, I'm well hooked. There are some things I'd really like to see and things I want to know, I expect in the sequels.


Mushtaq Ali said...

I am very much looking forward to the book and the ones to follow. It is some of the more interesting and fun stuff I have read is a while.