Sunday, May 19, 2013

Odds 'n' Ends

Still slogging through the house reboot, and came across some things I found interesting.

First, the inspirational books that have been in my rack for years: Lord of Light, The Lani People, Thongor of Lemuria, Wizard of the Pigeons, and The Elements of Style.

A lot of my reference books are going into boxes, what with the internet lurking right there if I need a handy fact. But these helped shape me as a writer, and they are worth their weight in gold. Even the Lin Carter, which is awful. That's why I keep it there, to remind myself that he made a living writing stuff like that, I surely can ...

The fascinating thing was a letter that fell out of a file, in which I got a response from the Baton Rouge Police Department, in 1970. We were still living in L.A., but about to move back to B.R., and it seems I applied for a job there; leastways enough to get a response.

I have absolutely no memory of that, none whatsoever.

What could I have been thinking? 


Most of the stuff is moved back into place. New configuration for my office, down one book case and a lot of knick-knacks packed away. Got new lamps here and there, shelves less burdened, and the walls repainted and new carpets, a much-neatened and improved space.

Not done yet, but progress is being made ...


Kris said...

If you wouldn't mind sharing, what did you get from Wizard of the Pigeons? I love much of Hobb's work, but never got around to reading that one. I always thought of it as obscure early stuff; and sometimes that early stuff is better left alone (although, I could say that just as often with some author's later stuff *cough* Orison Scott Card *cough*).

Steve Perry said...

Wizard is short and brilliant -- you're never sure whether the story is about real magic or madness, and it deals with Seattle homeless, one of the first street magic urban books.

Kris said...

Huh, I'll give it a read then. Thanks!