Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Never Ending Story ...

Update: And the remodel continues: counter-tops in, new stainless steel sink; plumber back Thursday to–theoretically–finish hooking everything up. We have a water filter that complicates things a little, but that should be okay

Not real granite, the new counters, much less marble, but a synthetic stone, which is good; it was cheaper (which is not to say "cheap,") looks fine, and requires less care and upkeep.

Less care and upkeep are good things in my world.

Turned out I had to unhook the gas stove and sink, including the in-sink disposal, a thing I found out fifteen minutes before the counter guys got here. Fortunately, taking things apart is easier than putting them together, and I managed to get that finished. The stove/oven is a hybrid, gas/electric, and I'm good with gas appliances, having grown up with those. I'd never done a disposal unit, but also fortunately, there is YouTube, and what a helpful tool that is. Who knew you needed two screwdrivers at once to undo that retaining ring?

Habitat for Humanity came and took away old furniture. We are getting leaner. 

And probably meaner, at least temporarily. After the grinding and sawing–the sound of a saw chewing through slabs of artificial stone blows right past the turned-off hearing aids–and the general chaos of four guys trucking hither and yon, we were all a tad on edge. Constant noise is tiring: After the workmen left, I went out to a jam session–remind me to show the pictures of my second ukulele–came home at nine p.m. and everybody was asleep. "Everybody" here includes my sister-in-law, niece, and nephew, who are visiting for a few days, plus the dogs, who really didn't like any of it and were exhausted. 

Found a closet that got missed on the re-carpet, so that has to be done. Plumber is due in an hour or so

Eventually, we will be done. I hope. 

(Editor's Note: Oh, but not yet. Apparently the toilet we bought has a 12" rough-in and we need a 10", so that will have to be swapped out before we can continue on in the never ending story. On the other hand, we do have a working sink and I'm fairly tall ...)

Editor's Note #2: Toilet in! Sink in! Running water, hurrah!

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