Thursday, May 09, 2013

Can I Hear You Now ... ?

Got the new electronic whiz-bang ear trumpets today. 

Do I notice a difference? Did you just hear that housefly fart in the kitchen? Well, I did ...

These are the right ear aids. The one on the left above is the old one–you can see the wear where my glasses eyepiece rubbed against it for four years. The old one is a hair bigger, length and thickness, and uses a bigger battery; the new one is a bit wider, (also in understated gray, to match the hair) has a different style dome, larger, but thinner.

In the older one, the amp is in the body and the sound is conducted via air through the hollow tube. In the new one, the receiver is in the dome, and wired to the battery and Bluetooth™ stuff in the body.

The three-position rocker-switch allows me to adjust volume, and to toggle among the three channels, which can be set for a variety of environments. I have them programmed at: Normal, Restaurant, and Music.

Yep. There's a Music setting. How cool is that? 

I didn't get all the streaming gear, that will allow me to hear my TV, MP3 player or iPad, or direct connect to my phone. I don't need those, and they suck up battery juice just like Bluetooth™ does on your other stuff.

Hold on. I think there's a mouse prowling around the back door, gotta go ...

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