Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hulahula Knows

Somehow, I missed the annual H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. I knew it was coming up, and I usually don't go, but they were premiering Heartshot this year, a short film based on a story my buddy Mike Byers wrote back in the day. I was planning on dropping round to meet the director and blap! I missed it. (Mike's story was a magazine-killer, i.e., a piece you sell to a market, which then goes belly-up. Writers tend to blame themselves for this. I believe this one killed two magazines, which is short of my own personal best of three.)

Um. Anyway, I was going to get a copy of the DVD and some goodies, for having chipped in a little to the Indiegogo campaign that helped fund the movie. Sorry I missed it, but I will eventually get the DVD, which not only won the short film division at the Lovecraft gathering, but which has gotten great reviews on places like Ain't It Cool News.

You can check out their FB page here

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Mike Byers said...

I actually got three if you count DNA Publications, the guys who bought the story from Aboriginal after Aboriginal folded. AS far as I know, DNA never published a single issue. Pulphouse was the first victim, by the way. I was thinking about sending the story around to anyone who is left in the business, with a letter saying I won't submit the story to them if they send me $1000, but there's probably a law against this.