Saturday, December 10, 2011

'Tis the Season

Not really close enough, but let's face it, when the Xmas lights start going up while the Hallowe'en punkin is still unrotted by the front door, December the 10th is not as outrageous as it used to be. I confess that I have my outside lights up, and probably we'll put up our white trash tree this weekend.

Ho, ho, ho!

Going with that, some things: First, Robert Earl Keene's video, "Merry Christmas from the Family," which has for the last few years been my favorite Christmas song. Joins my all-time favorite Christmas movie, "A Christmas Story," aka "The BB Gun Movie." If you haven't seen this one and you are within plus or minus ten years of my age, it's a real treat. I wait until Christmas Eve to watch it, after everybody has gone home and my wife is asleep.

And my own modest contribution to the holiday madness, "It's Not Christmas," lyrics, music, guitar and vocals by Yours Truly, which if you can stream music on your electronic device, is here ... (Lyrics, if you can't hear it and want to know, here.)

None of which have anything to do with the ostensible reason we celebrate Christmas, only my commentary on the whole commercialization of it all.

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Ed said...

Very nice....and very John Denverish - before the experimental plane crash.