Sunday, December 25, 2011


If you have an iPad (or iPhone/iPod) and you are looking for a way to burn free time you probably don't have, check into a program called Uzu.

Back in our hippie days, we had a little toy, I can't recall what it was called, but which was essentially a slab of clear plastic with a flexible backing and some kind of oil emulsion under it. You dragged your fingertip along the backing and got a shiny, colored line under the clear covering. You could vary it with pressure, use more than one finger, and create some cool, mind-blowing patterns.

The colors, man, the colors!

Uzu is the electronic counterpart, allowing you to create all manner of interactive foofaraw on the screen.  Sucks you right in.

The grandsons had a ball with it yesterday. My son-in-law started playing with it and finally said, "You better take this away now ..."

Warning: Don't give it to anybody who is stoned, because I expect you won't get your device back until the battery dies.

Far out, dude ...


Brad said...

Went to look at Uzu, and right beneath it was Line Art. Try that one, very cool effects.

Steve Perry said...

Same kind of fun toy. Great living here in the future ...

Justin said...

Looks like fun. Got an iPad 2 during Black Friday like a moron (the Black Friday part, not the getting of an iPad 2).

Been really enjoying Garageband, the $5 music suite. Made some neat riffs, but it's capable of much more -- including plugging in a guitar.

There's a site called Appshopper (.com) where you can keep track of all your apps, as well as put some on wishlists and get emails when the price goes down. It lists the price history of all apps. Not sure you're as into apps and games as I am, but figured I'd mention it.