Friday, December 16, 2011

Just in Case You Missed This One ..

From The Oregonian:  

"Police arrested a man who allegedly assaulted three people with a blue light saber at a Hayden Island Toys R Us Wednesday night.

A 9-1-1 caller reported the incident about 9:50 p.m. and said the man was inside the store, 1800 Jantzen Beach Center, swinging the "Star Wars" weapon of choice at customers, said Sgt. Pete Simpson, a spokesman for the Portland Police Bureau. While the caller was on the phone, the man then left the store — light saber in hand — and walked out to the parking lot.

Officers tried to arrest the man, but he kept swinging the light saber at them, Simpson said. One tried to use his Taser on the suspect but the device didn't work.

Another officer used his Taser and made contact, but the man knocked one of the wires away with the light saber.

("Crap! The Force is strong in this one!")

The officers finally arrested the man after grabbing him and pinning him to the ground. The suspect, identified only as a 33-year-old Hillsboro man, was treated by medics at the scene and taken to an area hospital for a mental evaluation. He faces 'several criminal charges' after he is evaluated, Simpson said."

They took him in for a mental evaluation. You think?

How you like to be the officers getting that call? "That's what I said, we have a man with a light saber attacking patrons in the Toys R Us. Go get 'em, Luke ..."

Keeping Portland weird has never been a problem ...


Delta Juliet Papa said...

A friend of mine and I were discussing this just the other day.
Can you imagine the stupid shit people would do with lightsabers if they were real and available to the general public?!
Despite the protests of my inner geek, I do believe it'd be for the best if the real thing is never invented.

Ed said...

Did anyone see if the 3 people were pointing a blaster at him. I think they have them there.

Joe said...

Excellent! Obi-Wan has taught him well.

steve-vh said...

And the police spokesman is names "Simpson"? As in Homer......