Sunday, September 04, 2011

Online Class - Martial Arts for Writers

Come Tuesday–that's day after tomorrow as I write this–9/6/11–Rory Miller and I will be offering an online class at Savvy Authors

The class, which runs from 6 September to 3 October, is called "Martial Arts for Writers," and that's what it is. 

Here's my intro:

Martial Arts for Writers

Instructors: Rory Miller and Steve Perry. This is a how-to for writers who want to use martial arts in their stories. Rory Miller and I come from different backgrounds, and our takes on the subject don't always match, but between the two of us, we have been down a few roads that might offer directions to writers who know little about the notion of fisticuffs in fiction, or how best to stab somebody with assorted blades, or shoot them to good dramatic effect.

We'll talk a bit about history, about the differences between movie-fu and real fights, and how to write a fight scene that moves and entertains. Questions are, of course, welcome, and if we don't know the answer, probably we can find it. 

How it works, as I understand it, is that we will post a lesson upon which we have collaborated, for students to read and digest. There's a forum wherein questions may be asked after each lesson, and we will do our best to answer them there.

How you get into it is, you click on the link above and register, pay $30, and then log into the lessons as they are put online. There's a discount if you want to become a premium member. 

Rory has done a class for these folks before, I haven't, so I'm hoping I got this part right. 

If this is something you might find of interest, drop by and have a look. We had fun putting it together, and now and then, actually agreed on something. 

Now and then ...

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