Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Had to Share This One

Kind of like the old John Lennon comment about the depth and meaning on their songs. "Well, it rhymed with 'queen,' didn't it ... ?"


steve-vh said...

so true....
I clearly remember the "hidden themes" that abounded in the books we read in college english and had to study, then write papers on.
Looking back I can't help but think, maybe they just wanted to entertain!!!

Steve Perry said...

Writers do sometimes have themes, and they take a crack at hidden meanings. And sometimes, they are writing about something other than what's on the page and don't even realize it.

That's not enough to keep English academics in business interpreting them, any more than than being able to read the Bible for yourself obviates the need for a preacher in every pulpit every Sunday to explain to you what it really means.

I can see why we need a Supreme Court. The Constitution was framed two hundred and some years ago and things change -- a lot of what the law has to deal with today was nowhere in sight back then.

Krimasen said...

haha Very nice! I've often wondered when I used to read books in high school English if the author always wrote things that way on purpose or if it was all just happy coincidence. Being an aspiring author myself, I do sometimes purposely write things a certain way to gain an effect, but I wonder if my subconscious is guiding certain things and creating themes and connections that I haven't thought of on the surface?