Tuesday, September 13, 2011



My son got tickets to an exhibit at the Portland Art Museum, a display of some really cool cars, The Allure of the Automobile.

So we went:

Bentley to Bugatti, Pierce Arrow, Astin-Martin, Duesenberg, Steve McQueen's 1957 XK-SS, a '60 'vette, all of them redone to emulate mint condition.

Most of these were ancient, classics, and antiques, and the fun part was how futuristic they still looked, much less how they must have looked when they were made.

My favorite had to be the 1937 Hispano-Suiza custom-built for French apéritif baron André Dubonnet. Art Deco, bubble glass, the kind of car I thought was science fiction when I was a kid. 

Way cool. 


steve-vh said...

I follow a site called bringatrailer.com. Seems there's always interesting cars popping up in Portland. Apparently very much a collector/enthusiast region.

Anonymous said...

The Hershey Car Museum is another great place that has fantastic cars.