Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cutting Test

Had a discussion about a TV show samurai-sword attack, and I mentioned the old ways of testing a katana, using stacked-up condemned prisoners. Thus the term "four-body sword."

They don't do that one any more. 

There are cutting competitions, using tatami rolled around bamboo, though, and this is a good example.

Cool, huh?


Raymond J Bull said...

I'm guessing it was prompted by this week's Castle episode? :)

Steve Perry said...

Yep. About as silly an episode as they've done. That shark is getting closer to the ski jump ...

Raymond J Bull said...

Considering all the drama from the previous episode, I think the levity was needed to clear the air a bit.

I'll consider the shark jumped if they end the season without Castle and Beckett becoming a couple.

Steve Perry said...

Soon as they become a couple, the show is done. That's the only thing keeping viewers turning in, that tension.

Once they hook them up?

Sure, you can do personal conflicts, and if you are really desperate, you can whack one of them on the head and give them amnesia. (Castle, to get the reverse. She finally gives in, they are gonna live happily ever after, and he can't remember who she is.)

For a cop who catches every little clue, if she hasn't figured out that Castle oozes love every time she's in the room, she's got a major screw loose. And if she remembers that he told her so as she lay dying, she's got no excuse to be behaving the way she does. All that wall-in-my-mind hooey? Please.

Past the notion of a writer going along with the cops, what makes the thing work? Not the plots. None of the police work is real. Beckett's dead mother is just a McGuffin, who killed her is a who-cares? at this point.

I like the show, like watching the two of them bounce off each other, but once they do the deed, somebody might as well stick a fork in it.