Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Got a new toy for my guitar, the O-Port. This is, as the image shows, a piece of flexible plastic you stick into the sound hole of an acoustic guitar (the flared bell part down.) Loosen the strings, pinch the plastic, stick it in, line it up, pop it into place. My classical's sound hole is a hair small, so the fit isn't exact, but it works okay. 

Once it is installed, unless you know to look for it, you probably won't notice it. 

What does it do? It amplifies the sound a bit. Not that much, and the descriptions get subjective, but to me, it sounds fatter, a bit more punch, and more sustain, especially on the harmonics.

An engineer at Bad Bear Studios did a test on it, and it's not just subjective, you can see the graph's differences.

It won't turn a crappy guitar into a great one, but it certainly enhances mine. 

The price on these is all over the map, depending on whether you the small or larger version, black or ivory color. Some sites have them for thirty bucks. I got mine from (GuitarGoods partner) for just under fifteen bucks–and that included the shipping. 

For that kind of money if you don't like it, toss it, but if it does for your axe what it did for mine? You'll keep it.

Way cool. 


Chester said...

Is that the one by Planet Waves( D'Addario)? I'm going to have to check that out for the store here.

I've been meaning to ask, What are you playing on? With classical style guitars, it's often difficult to tell at a glance or from a picture, since the headstock design tends to be pretty uniform looking.

Hope all is well sir!

Steve Perry said...

Yep, the O-port is marketed through Planet Waves. Cheaper through Measure the sound hole, pick the small or large. I ordered it on Saturday, had it the next Wednesday.

The guitar in the picture is made by Jason Pickard, a serious classical player and teacher. It's a cedar-top, Claro walnut sides and back, a slightly-raised fretboard with a Gilbert-style bridge. I got a great deal on it used a few years back, it's one of his earliest ones, which is good, since I can't afford his newer ones ...

Chester said...

Very nice guitar. And also cool to see independent luthiers supported. When we can we carry some stuff from a couple of our local guys that were not special orders, but just stuff they built to sell.

It's always hard to match that Amazon price in the brick and mortar store, but we do our best. I think i will have to get one of each size to play around with and probably stock.