Monday, August 22, 2011

Still Crazy After All These Years

Um. Not really anything I can say about this, other than writers sometimes get these, ah, crazy, wild notions and if we don't run with them, we get even crazier. 

Lord knows where this came from. Rated PG-13 for suggestive lyrics ...

Oh, and in case you want to try it at home:

Johnny Wadd is Dead 

   C                                            F
1. They say size makes a difference, yeah, everybody knows 
it’s true/
    G                                                  C
But Johnny Wadd is dead now, and the next one might be you/
C                          F
Girls and boys and orgies, Johnny didn’t care/
He put it here and yonder, he put it everywhere/

C                       F
Johnny had a monster, a truly fearsome tool/
    G                                               C
But in the end it killed him -- it played him for a fool.

2. Johnny was in porno, his pecker a foot and some/
But he stuck it in the wrong guy and that was mighty dumb/
The virus came and got him, yeah, the virus took him down/
Now Johnny Wadd lies sleeping, deep underneath the ground.


3. He never used a condom, no, he didn’t worry none/
But when the virus claimed him, his life it came undone/
And the moral of this story, the moral of this song/
Always use a rubber no matter how big your schlong.

(Chorus - repeat, acappela ...)

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Chris said...

Well thanks for that. I needed a good laugh :)