Friday, August 05, 2011



This week at silat, we worked legs. Not in a terrible, awful, can't-stand-up-after-class way, but enough to get a little burn and quiver. Stretching, kuda-kuda (jumping to switch foot positions), horse stance, like that. 

Gotta keep 'em in shape, the legs.

What I found interesting–again–was not how sore my legs were the next day, but how sore my feet were.

A couple of hours in soft sand–further down the hill you train, the deeper and softer it is–and I prefer to do it barefoot. Sands all those ugly callouses right off, but the small muscles of the feet get quite a workout.

Not the arches, in my case, but the tops and sides. 

If I get to the point where I can stay balanced and move with any kind of speed in soft sand on a downhill slope, I'm thinking that flat ground won't be any problem at all ...


Dan Gambiera said...

That's one of the reasons I wear those funny shoes with toes. Thick-soled ultra-cushioned ones make me feel half blind

steve-vh said...

Dan beat me to it. If you'd wear those funky new shoes you don't like......
You know, there are a bunch of new alternatives out there. Merrell's got some great trail ones and I picked up some kewl office casuals by Ahnu.