Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stories R Us

So I got a draft. I'll re-read it and fiddle with it some, but I think I have the basics down on the second Roy the Demon short story, "A&R." I'll stick it up for like $.99, and probably, if Dan Moran will have it, offer there as an exclusive, at least for a couple weeks, before I port it to Smashwords and 

Least I can do, all the work Dan has been doing for me on the conversions. If you have in mind getting one of my books in e-form, check by FS& first, hey?

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Dan Moran said...

More than happy to host anything at all for you. You should be aware, for very small transactions, Paypal is currently taking about a third of it -- I'll host it free otherwise, though.

I am looking for a payment processor that'll be more reasonable about small purchases.