Friday, January 28, 2011

Satan's Pork Chops

In our quest for healthy-but-tasty vegetarian things, we have come across seitan, aka "wheat meat," which is made from wheat gluten, and spiced with this and that in an attempt to make it palatable.

Pronounced the same way as "Satan," far as I can tell, thus the clever title. However, I didn't take this as a good sign. 

My wife mixed some up. Kind of like falafel.

Sort of.

I confess I was more than a little dubious about this, but what the heck, anything tastes good fried and with enough ketchup, right?

Actually, this stuff does taste pretty good. Not so much itself, but since it takes on the flavors of whatever you mix it with, and it has a kind of chewy, minced-fish texture, we came up with some faux-fish sticks, rolled 'em in flour and corn meal, dropped them into the hot oil, and got something looked like, and pretty much tasted like, Mrs. Paul's best ...

Good enough so I'd eat it again.

Learn something new every day, if you keep the door to your mind open a crack ...


Scott said...

That's interesting. Isn't gluten the stuff the delicate creatures are whining about lately?

Steve Perry said...

Always something new to worry about, and what depends on which study you like, or don't like.

Your Momma was right, you should eat your vegetables. If it's chock full of fat and grease when you eat it, it's not good for you in the long run.

If you look at populations around the world and figure out which are the healthiest and longest-lived, versus those that are the unhealthiest and kicks-off-earlier, you can book it that they don't eat the same. If you are looking for a diet, go with the healthy and live-longer group, because no matter what anybody says, you *know* in your heart that a big part of whatever is going on is diet and exercise.

It ain't rocket science.