Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Better Left in Memory

Syfy Channel has been running a Green Hornet marathon, and last night, I stopped in for a few episodes. I hadn't seen them since they first aired, and not all of them then -- that was the year we moved to L.A. from Baton Rouge, and we didn't have a TV set for a time. 

I think the new movie is gonna suck big-time -- Seth Rogen! -- but the old series from the 60's with Van Williams and Bruce Lee? It, um, didn't wear well. 

Bad. Silly. Made the Batman TV series from that era look like Shakespeare.

GH was better on radio. So sayeth the old guy ...


Anonymous said...

Sort of off topic. Love your work sooo much MWNM is my favorite book. Have you heard of the film Merantau. It is the first major film featuring Silat. With a movie coming up, just thought that maybe that was worth a look.

Anonymous said...

On topic...I really enjoy the GH radio shows. Downloaded a few last month and it really works in that medium. Ride on Black Beauty!

Dosbears said...

Check out this "3 Minute" video: promise it's not Rick Astley ;-)

Jim said...

I listen to Green Hornet on the radio, still... Gotta love satellite radio!

And, yeah, I saw a few of those tv shows myself the last few days. 'Nuff said.

Mark Jones said...

Yeah.... the wife and I caught a few minutes of one of the episodes.

Yikes. I remember that show with great fondness, but it was awful. I don't think the movie will fare any better.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a comic/superhero fan, per se. Everything I knew about the Green Hornet comes from wikipedia (although I'm gonna see if the old radio shows are out on iTunes).

But based on the general story line, the cool car, the monied setting, I could easily see this being a sophisticated, witty, fast paced, clever movie.

So of course, I had my reservations when Seth Rogen ended up being the lead (and, I think, the writer & producer). I am not a fan of his. At all.

But ... other actors of his ilk have surprised me with their depth and skill, and so we took a chance. Maybe he'd pull something out that we weren't expecting.

My advice is ... don't waste your time or your money. The vast majority of the characters were completely unlikeable & unsympathetic. The villains were lame & unconvincing. The characters of Britt & Kato were selfish, self-centered, sullen boys who were entirely unfamiliar with the concept of cause & consequence. Maybe if they'd been 12 year olds I could have bought them. Not so much as adults.

Every now & again there'd be a flash of incipient inspiration. Just enough to suggest what this movie could have been, in the hands of talented writers, directors, producers, & actors who were interested in making something special instead of blowing things up & going for the cheap laugh.

Unfortunate. Maybe someday someone will try to do justice to the Green Hornet.

Shawn R.