Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Man's Sandwich

Western half of the country was a tad warm yesterday -- record highs in SoCal, running all the way up to San Francisco and into Arizona and New Mexico. 113º F. in downtown L.A. Yeah, it's a dry heat, but still.

Our Indian Summer was less fierce in western Oregon -- 82º, but muggy, humidity pushing eighty percent. Warm enough to justify cranking up the grill for supper. I did some onions, peppers, an eggplant, some chicken-apple sausage, and warmed up some bread. The resultant sandwich, on homemade walnut wheat/rye bread, also warmed on the grill, with a bit of sliced tomato from our whiskey barrel garden and a slather of Dijon mustard. 

And a bottle of Black Butte Porter to wash it down ...

1 comment:

Dan Moran said...

"it's a dry heat"

So are fusion bombs.