Friday, September 17, 2010

And Here's Another Rest of the Story ...

Couple weeks back, across the river in Vancouver, WA, a horrible crime: A woman was out walking, when suddenly she was set upon by a stranger who threw acid in her face. No reason, and had she not just bought a pair of sunglasses, she would have been blinded.

What is the world coming to? you ask when you hear such a story. And then if you are a suspicious-minded old guy like me, you think: I wonder if we are hearing the whole story? I mean, stranger-to-stranger acid splashings are pretty rare, aren't they?

Alas, our sympathy is muted somewhat when the truth comes out: It didn't happen. The woman -- obviously disturbed mentally -- did it to herself.


And I'm still wondering about the arrow-in-the-back thing, too, even though it appears to have been an accident.


Mayren said...

both my hubby and i read this on your blog and was commenting how messed up it would be for a stranger to throw acid... then 5 minutes later... we read the rest of the post. wow. sad.

Kenneth said...

It's really sad to know that it was self-inflicted, how you going to find justice with that and why would she did that to herself.