Tuesday, September 14, 2010

iPod Lost and Regained ...

I was fiddling around with a .mobi file and wanted to see what it would look like on the itty-bitty iPod screen, so I reached for my electronic toy and it was ... gone.


I had it this morning. I had it on my pouch when I went to walk the dogs, but the iPod carrier was empty. I can't imagine how it would have fallen out. Maybe when I put the pouch on?

Nope. Not in the house.

Great. All the music and a few pictures, some books, pfft! gone.

I got a sticky pad and some tape and a pen and went to post the lost-iPod notes and reward and all, following my earlier path with the dogs. If it had fallen onto the sidewalk, it was gone, but I did cut through the drugstore's landscaping and the little park and maybe I'd get lucky ...

I got lucky. Found it on the side of the drugstore which doesn't get much foot traffic, lying on the bark dust obvious as you please. It wasn't raining, and nobody had picked it up.

Now and then, the universe gives you one. I'll take it.


Bobbe Edmonds said...

My in-laws have a saying for things like this:

"Lucky - like having a dumpling fly into your mouth."

Glad you found it, Steve.

Ed said...

Hey - I think that's mine!

I'm sure it's just a coincidence that my books, music and pictures of your wife, dogs, cat, yard etc. look like mine.

steve-vh said...

My son found one on the side of the road while on a walk in our neighborhood. It was password locked for 13,871 days so had obviously been stolen and discarded.
Played with it a while to no avail. Brought it to a shop that diagnosed it as no longer having wifi working, another reason it was "hot" or discarded.
but for $25 they reflashed it and everything else works great now. Not a bad deal.

steve-vh said...

I also misplaced my credit card yesterday. it must be the day for it. Didn't discover until at the Asian store buying coffee.
Asked the wife (via email) to look around at home.
She found it. then replied there was a finders fee and it would be much emptier when returned *g*.

Steve Perry said...

Last time I lost a credit card -- it fell onto counter at Costco -- they put it into a drawer and didn't get around to calling me. (Costco membership is in my wife's name, and the card was one of mine. They couldn't make the connection.) When I finally missed it and started hunting for it, I found Costco's policy was to hold it for a couple days and if they couldn't find the owner, to destroy it. Which they did. To get another one, I had to cancel that number and start over.

Ed said...

All my kidding aside....it is always a real bottom fell out of my stomach feeling when I have lost my keys or wallet or credit/atm card....not fun. Glad you found it Steve.