Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let It Go

This month's song -- maybe I'll count it for next month's, depends on how creative I feel, since I'm only making myself write at least one every four weeks, and I did the old hippie song only a couple weeks back.

I wanted to do a hymn, well, okay, sort of, so consider this a humanist hymn, for what it's worth ...

Let it Go

Krisha says it’s Maya and Buddha says you’ll suffer, and
that’s not at all what Jesus said/

The Abos say it’s dreamtime, a-theists say it’s nothing,
Sigmund says it’s all inside your head.


Let it go, let it go, you got to let it go/
Your vision might be right, it might be wrong/
The only thing that matters is to love your fellow man/
Let it go, let it go, and move along.


We all have different viewpoints and whose can say what’s true? I wish I had the answers but I ain’t got ‘em/

The sages throw their nets out and gather in the converts, but what happens to those left down on the bottom?



Ole debbil Expectation, he’s a’waitin’ in the dark, and he’ll grab you by the throat if he is able/

The things you thought you knew they don’t always come to pass, and the answers that you want aren’t on the table.



I thought I had the solution but it turned out that I didn’t, I never even got within a mile/
The last thing that I ought to do is offer you advice, but here it is and given with a smile.

(Chorus twice, and out ...)

I'll inflict it on you once I get it recorded ...

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