Monday, June 15, 2009

Trash Talk

So, summer is officially not here yet, just under a week away, but local schools are in recess, and some of the kids not glued to computer screens are out and about.

Whilst walking the dogs a bit earlier, I came across a small gathering of small ones. Two girls and a boy, pre-pubes, maybe nine or ten, could be eleven, were at the duck pond -- which is really just a wide spot in Johnson Creek. A fourth child, a girl, same age, arrived and while I wasn't paying that much attention, apparently there was some disagreement as to which direction the group was going to motivate itself. The trio apparently wanted to go hang out at -- of all places -- the local primary school, from whence they have just been freed, go figure. The third girl wasn't down with that and they went their separate ways.

The trio's path paralleled mine, across the street. After they had walked maybe fifty yards, the third girl yelled at them:

"You suck, Kristin!"

To which one of the girls -- presumably Kristin -- yelled back, "I know I do!"

Third Girl: "You suck monkey balls!"

Kristin: "Huh?"

I just thought I'd throw that out, given my post last week on how times have changed, with regard to how safe children are on the streets today versus how safe they were back in my day.

Some things don't seem to change ...

Summer. Gotta love it.

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