Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mind Over Matter

Over on Dojo Rat's blog, he opened a thread about woo-woo martial arts. I spoke to it, and mentioned Yellow Bamboo, a "martial arts" group centered in Bali. They allow as how they can knock attackers ass over tea-kettle using their version of the Force.

Apparently this organization was started by a millionaire who retired to pursue his hobby, surfing. Radical, dude ...

Seems to work pretty well on their students, they fall like bowling pins when the masters wave their hands. And how cool would it be to be able to do that?

A couple guys from Australia weren't too impressed with the claims that kept popping up on martial arts BBS, and thus opted for a vacation to Bali, to take the YB guys up on their offer.

There were some conditions -- dietary, and a mindset the attackers were supposed to take. The demo was set up on the beach.

They made a video of the results.

There are three passes by the Aussies at the YB players. See for yourself how it went:

(Turn the sound down a bit, it's kinda loud.)

Got to love the little dog, hey ... ?


Todd Erven said...

If you've got some time to kill, you can download Yellow Bamboo Level 1 from their website. You just have to send them an email.

I did it about a year ago and it's quite a hoot. The storing and releasing of power sections are particularly amusing.

Steve Perry said...

Life is too short ...

Dojo Rat said...

Ha,ha... That was great.

I believe, from my actually watching some "no touch knockouts" that the instructor is hypnotising the student. The people I saw get "knocked out" sincerely believed they passed out in some way, I spoke to them.
But I saw many others fail with people who had strong intent.
-None-the-less, something is definately going on...

Steve Perry said...

I won't argue with the idea that there might be, as Mulder and Scully kept finding, something out there.

But Yellow Bamboo hasn't found it.

transit said...

I've got a story for you guys about Yellow Bamboo...

This guy visited my teacher a few years ago and asked permission to video one of our practice sessions. What we didn't know at the time was that he was a Yellow Bamboo member as all he told us was that he practiced the internal martial arts. Weeks later, i stumbled across the Yellow Bamboo web site and found a clip of my teacher demonstrating (on my classmate) Fa Jing on their video page!

This guy received no permission to put the video online and the videos were supposed to be for his private use only! The clip he chose to post was taken from an angle that hid the identifying logos on our uniforms and while he named my teacher in the title of the video, he didn't say that we are NOT Yellow Bamboo!

Now we don't do any of that "no touch" stuff and work on real physical force. It really PISSES ME OFF to find this group passing off my teacher's art as their own!