Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Fall, 1953, Baton Rouge. My father managed to get our first television set hooked to the antenna, tuned in to Channel Six, WAFB, and the very first TV program I saw in its entirely came on:

The Adventures of Superman.

Starring George Reeves as the Man of Steel ...

And then there came that soul-stirring, voice-over narration, based loosely on the earlier radio and cartoon versions. Which, as part of my misspent youth, I learned. And which, fifty-six years later, I can still recite from memory ...

(Though I'd still like to own the White Cane store and an opthamology clinic in Metropolis -- talk about job security -- a town where everybody is so blind they can't tell a bird from a plane from a guy in red and blue tights ...)

Up, up, and away -- !


Dan Moran said...

I worked briefly for a company called -- one of the internet video pioneers. I was brought in toward the end and tasked with firing the hell out of a lot of people and building a new database, which turn out to be not dissimilar skills.

It was a dreadful experience, but there was a real, bona fide, first class bonus to the job: it was located in the Wilson Building in Los Angeles -- which was the Daily Planet, in the old Superman TV series.


I had lunch a couple of times up there in the penthouse with the gargoyles.

James said...

I do that for my son every one in a while. Until he screams "STOP, dad!". I especially like the sound effects. I'll have to remember that the next time.

Chris said...

It's a shame they put that garbage on top of the Wilson building. So people have no sense of style, or history.

Dan Moran said...

Yeah, welcome to Los Angeles.