Friday, June 26, 2009

More Knifery

Above: The Weasel, inspired by Terry "The Weasel" Trahan. The sheath includes rare earth magnets to hold the knife securely in place. Canvas micarta scales.

Skighter, for Mike Blackgrave, stock removal mostly done by Ian Robbins, Chuck's forging partner. Design by Blackgrave, ebony handle.

Dad Pick, done with Chuck's father. Amboyna burl handle.

So, Chuck Pippin sent me some pictures of what he's been up to, bladewise, of late. Here are a few.

Guess I'm gonna have to buy a lottery ticket ...


Worg said...

Beautiful knives.

This whole thing is SO strange to me. I have a fair number of knives but I'm set as far as all that goes and none of them are custom jobs. Never was much into the collection thing though.

But that black steel kris you posted the other day is a different kettle of fish. I would LOVE one of those. They are astonishingly cheap, too, considering what they are.

Steve Perry said...

I think the notion is that you want the best steel you can get if it might be your life on the line. When you see some of the torture tests knifemakers use -- bending the blade almost ninety degrees, and then, after it straightens out, chopping up hanging rope like it was warm spaghetti ...

(The other school, of which I am also a member, says a sturdy, but cheap knife can be tossed away if need be, and while I personally would never shy away from dealing with law enforcement, did I have to use a knife for self-defense, there are some folks who might feel that need, and having to toss a five hundred buck custom-made knife could cause some pain to the owner.

Many criminals, not always the smartest fellows, hold onto knives or guns that have been used illegally, and once they have been wet thusly, keeping them is a time bomb.

Admittedly, some of us get into the mode, but aside from a small collection of kerises and other antique Indonesian pisau, my knives are all working blades.

Anonymous said...

One could get into all sorts of trouble with that Skighter. So many "fun spots" on it with intriguing applications.

Figures such a cool knife would be for someone with such a cool name: Michael Blackgrave. Bad-ass. :)