Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Old Steel

So I was digging around in one of the knife drawers looking for my sandalwood oil, and I came across this. It's an old Emerson, an early CQC, chisel-grind, tanto-point, glass-epoxy handle, probably 154CM. My son passed it on to me, and when I got it, it had been, I think, a car-trunk carry and was crudded up pretty good. I cleaned it, and used it for a tool-belt carry. I dunno how old it is, but I've had it for at least a dozen years.

The blade is just under three-and-a-half inches long -- apparently, they make a mini-version that's a little under that now, for places where they allow the shorter length.

The overall size is enough to get a good grip on the handle, which most short-bladed pocket knives don't allow. Kind of like screwdrivers -- smaller the blade, the shorter the handle, and while you might not want to over-torque a screw, having a handle you can grip is a decided plus for a knife.

This old beast feels very solid, and works well for odd chores around the house when I need a knife.

(Editor's Note: Although it's faint, I think I can see a Benchmade butterfly logo on the blade, so this might be the licensed copy 970-STB they made, too.)

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Anonymous said...

Steve, I have the same knife but with a longer blade. One of my favorite knives. I'll bring it Thursday. Ken